We’re dedicated to changing the way fans, players and coaches consume football content.

All-22 Film

Unlike the TV copy, all-22 film shows every single player on the field. This makes all-22 a necessity for coaches, NFL draft scouts, and anyone who wants to study the game of football. Although collegiate all-22 film is a necessity, it’s also a resource that is extremely hard to come by for most people. Only those who work in college football or the NFL have easy access to collegiate all-22 film.

Why is this the case? The NFL makes its all-22 film easily available to fans for $4.99 a month with NFL+. Meanwhile, collegiate all-22 film is currently spread around by high school coaches and NFL draft writers through backroom dealings of Google Drive folders and unlisted YouTube videos.

At PreSnap our goal is to make collegiate all-22 film easily accessible to everyone while also rewarding those who are featured in the film, the student athletes.

Fan Education

College football’s popularity continues to rise with the creation of “super conferences” through Big 10 and SEC realignment as well as the introduction of NIL allowing student athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness. As college football grows so does its fan’s consumption of news and media surrounding their favorite teams.

Our goal is to provide college football fans with educational content that goes beyond updates, recruiting news, and practice reports.

At PreSnap we want to help fans understand the X & Os of the game, how their favorite teams are preparing for games schematically, and how well coaches are executing their game plans. Our goal is to create high quality video content that gives fans inside access to the art of designing and executing a football play and how that changes week to week.

Drill Tapes

One of the unique aspects of the sport of football is the number of new drills that are created by coaches for each position. The problem is that these drills are spread out all over the internet making it difficult for coaches and players to consume. Often shared on social media, YouTube, and other sites, it’s difficult to easily access the latest position specific drills.

PreSnap’s goal is to create one central platform for the sport of football by allocating all of these drill tapes and making them easily accessible through the PreSnap app. PreSnap’s drill tapes are created by some of the top coaches in college football and are intuitively organized by position.