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Column Presets

Managing and Editing Column Presets in Rewind

Learn how to manage and edit column presets in Rewind to customize your data for optimal productivity.

  1. Access Column Presets: Open Rewind and locate the column presets on the right side of the breakdown data bar.

  2. Edit Existing Presets: Click on the edit button of an existing preset to edit or delete it as needed.

  3. Create a New Preset: Click on "New Preset" to create a new preset.

  4. Name Your Preset: Give your new preset a name for easy identification.

  5. Select Columns: Select the columns you want to include in your preset.

  6. Reorder Columns: Drag and drop columns to reorder them according to your preference.

  7. Save Preset: Once you have selected and arranged the columns, hit the save preset button.

  8. Apply Preset: Select your newly created preset to view columns in the order you set.

  9. Edit or Delete: If needed, click on the edit button to make changes or delete the preset.

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