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Watching Intercut Film

Watching Intercut Film on Rewind

Learn how to watch intercut film on Rewind by using the correct naming conventions. Unfortunately, intercut film is currently only supported on Mac. For Windows users, you can easily sort your intercut film with Rewind+!

Click here to learn how to download intercut film from Hudl

For Mac Users:

  1. After you’ve downloaded your intercut playlist from Hudl you’ll need to properly rename your clips using specific naming conventions for each camera angle.

  2. Navigate to your downloaded intercut playlist in Finder and select all Scoreboard Angle Clips and complete steps 3-8. Once you’ve completed steps 3-8 for all Scoreboard Angle Clips, repeat steps 3-8 for all Sideline Angle Clips. Finally, repeat steps 3-8 for all Endzone Angle Clips. If your intercut film is missing a Scoreboard, Sideline, or Endzone angle, you can skip the steps for that specific camera angle.

  3. Control Click on the selected clips and select “Rename.”

  4. The “Rename Finder Items” modal will popup. In the top left corner, open the dropdown with the options “Replace Text, Add Text, and Format.” Inside the dropdown, select “Format.” 

  5. Next, inside the “Name Format” dropdown, select “Name and Counter.”

  6. Then, inside of the “Where” dropdown select “before name.”

  7. Under “Start numbers at” type in “1.”

  8. Finally inside of “Custom Format” type in the naming convention that matches the camera angle you selected:

    1. For Scoreboard Clips: a_scoreboard

    2. For Sideline Clips: b_sideline

    3. For End zone Clips: c_endzone

  9. Once your intercut folder is properly named in Finder, navigate to Rewind on your browser. Inside of Rewind, select the intercut folder you just renamed.

  10. Now each play on Rewind should show a Scoreboard Angle, Sideline Angle, and Endzone Angle!

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